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[NEWS] Alpine A110 Legende GT 292 2021 UK review

Alpine A110 Legende GT 292 2021 UK review

1 Alpine Legende GT 292 2021 UK first drive review hero front

Standard chassis meets A110 S power - is this the best version of Alpine's award-winning two-seater?

I know what you’re thinking: another special edition Alpine? Well, hold on, because this one is worth your time. It’s true that Alpine has been rivalling the Bugatti Veyron for the number of special editions that have amounted to some different paint and wheels, but this year’s Légende GT is different.Unlike last year’s Légende GT, this one has the A110 S’s 292bhp engine, in combination with the standard chassis. We’ve always found the S’s extra power welcome, but not worth giving up the supple chassis that makes the standard A110 so unique and such a breath of fresh air, so the Légende GT promises to be a kind of Alpine greatest hits album. All the more as it also gets the other desirable equipment that you have to pay extra for on Pure and the regular Légende versions.That includes the 320mm Brembo brakes and sports exhaust, as well as the Focal stereo, as well as parking sensors and a reversing camera. As the ‘GT’ moniker suggests, it’s also supposed to be the most luxurious A110. As such, it comes only in two well specced versions: matte grey with black leather interior or dark blue with brown leather. The seats are the six-way adjustable option, rather than the ultra-lightweight buckets in the Pure or the A110S, and the interior is finished off with ‘Dinamica’ microfibre headliner and gloss carbon fibre elements with unique copper weave.

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