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[NEWS] Aston Martin to end pure-combustion sales by 2026

Aston Martin to end pure-combustion sales by 2026

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Chairman Lawrence Stroll expects a fully electrified line-up, split between hybrids and EVs

Aston Martin has committed to dropping its pure-ICE engines within four years, according to reports. The firm has stated that it will be fully electrified from 2026, although an element of combustion engines will remain because hybrids will form part of the mix.

Nevertheless, it represents a change of heart from the British sports car manufacturer, which  had previously said electrified vehicles would form only part of its line-up. However, rival Bentley has gone further, with a target of being electric-only by 2030.

Chairman Lawrence Stroll told the Financial Times: “I can’t tell you that 100% of Aston Martin customers want an electric vehicle.

“People still want the smell, the noise [of combustion-engined cars]. We’re gradually going to get to full EV, but we will continue offering both [electric and hybrids].

“There will still be an electrification component, but if someone wants an internal combustion engine in 2028, that will happen.”

Stroll was speaking at the launch of the DBX 707, the most powerful luxury SUV from a mainstream manufacturer. Despite all the focus on future electrification, the 707 uses a significantly uprated twin-turbo V8 producing 697bhp and 664lb ft. CEO Tobias Moers told Autocar that he expects this version to make up 60% of DBX sales when deliveries start in Q2 2022.

Further updates are also on the way for the popular DBX, which will be the first hybridised Aston Martin when a mild-hybrid version is added later this year. That DBX will be for China only, due to that country’s high import tax on performance vehicles, before a PHEV DBX appears in 2024 for all markets as part of the SUV’s facelift.

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