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[NEWS] Audi SQ2 2021 UK review

Audi SQ2 2021 UK review

1 Audi SQ2 front tracking

Small SUV packs a big punch and is updated in the face of newer competition

If nothing else tells you this is an Audi from a previous generation, then the relative lack of technology will. No touchscreen, no hybrid assistance, just a good old turbo four in a crossover suit.Nothing about this facelift has altered that. In an increasingly crowded market for hot crossovers, the SQ2 now has its work cut out, the Hyundai Kona N just the latest to join the fray.A slight pause here to apologise for the images. Audi was so keen to get this car to journalists that it hasn’t had time to do any UK pictures, hence why we’re running with German, left-hand drive shots. But we did drive a RHD car on UK roads.The bodywork surgery is minor. The grille is slightly lower and the front bumper has had a minor reworking, but even with pictures of the old and new SQ2 next to each, it’s a struggle to tell which is which. The rear bumper has been slightly revised but again it’s small details.Inside, there are new door cards. Yes, you read that right. Still, it’s easy to be glib. In reality, the SQ2 hails from a time when Audi dominated the car industry’s interiors and it still feels spot on. The MMI infotainment system is controlled using a wheel and buttons combo that’s easy to work with.

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