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[NEWS] Autocar Business Live: a webinar on e-fuels

Autocar Business Live: a webinar on e-fuels


Watch the live interview on 25 November with senior executives from the industry, including Zero Petroleum’s Paddy Lowe, Mazda's Christian Schultze and Steve Sapsford from SCE

With COP26 and electric cars dominating the news agenda, synthetic fuels are seen by many as an alternative solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Clearly, with ICE cars continuing to be driven beyond 2030, there needs to be a broader answer than simply a route-one electrical fix. But are e-fuels really the solution?

Join us for the next installment of Autocar Business Live as we discuss this and more, delving into all the implications with Zero Petroleum’s Paddy Lowe, Mazda Europe's director of technology research Christian Schultze and Steve Sapsford from SCE.

There are huge consequences to this subject, both with the existing car parc that will still feature modern combustion-engined cars into the 2040s and also the large number of classic car enthusiasts. Porsche estimates that 70% of the cars it has ever produced are still on the road, so it should come as little surprise that the firm has recently announced a major investment in an e-fuels factory in Chile. Will synthetic fuels allow those cars to continue to operate with a cleaner conscience? Or are the inefficiencies around e-fuels too much of a hurdle to overcome?

The free webinar delving into all this and more takes place on 25 November at 1100-1200. You can sign up to watch via the Autocar Business webinar homepage. The webinar will be hosted by Mark Tisshaw from Autocar, as we look to discover how synthetic fuels could provide an alternative to the electric revolution.

Audience members will also be able to submit questions during the event, which will be addressed during the webinar, time-permitting.

Autocar Business is our industry-focused brand, which provides news and insight into the business of the automotive world.

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