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[NEWS] Autocar confidential: No mini EVs for Volvo, Kia sticks by roots

Autocar confidential: No mini EVs for Volvo, Kia sticks by roots

4 vauxhall insignia

Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up a week in gossip from across the automotive industry

in this week's round-up of automotive gossip, we hear what the future could hold for the Vauxhall Insignia, Kia promises not to abandon its root and more.

Insignia is not irreplaceable 

Vauxhall designer Mark Adams has hinted that the Insignia could be reinvented or replaced entirely at the end of its lifecycle. “We’re thinking about all the vehicles in our portfolio, and the Insignia is no exception,” he said. “I’m excited by what we’re doing for that vehicle.” The current Insignia came out in 2017 and will be the only GM-designed mainstream car left in Europe once the Astra is replaced later this year.

Kia won't abandon roots

Despite the new Kia EV6 promising an acceleration figure to beat the entry-level Porsche Taycan, the Korean firm says it won’t abandon its roots. Global brand head Artur Martins said: “This car stands for what we want to be as a brand. We’re a mainstream brand and we want to keep being a mainstream brand. It’s about making cars that carry the character of the brand we want to build, the values we want to bring to our customers.”

Volvo snubs miniature EVs 

Don't expect Volvo to follow Citroën and Renault in developing miniature urban mobility EVs such as the Ami and Mobilize EZ-1. Volvo boss Håkan Samuelsson said: “There will be a market for access to high-quality premium mobility for a couple of days, and then more basic urban mobility. That’s a difficult market for a premium car maker to compete in.”

Efficiency is key for Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz cars boss Markus Schäfer says maximising efficiency is now the firm’s main development focus. “My key target is efficiency, to drive down the kilowatt hours per 100km,” he said. “Every design element and module is designed for this goal.”


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