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[NEWS] Autocar magazine 27 September: on sale now

Autocar magazine 27 September: on sale now

Autocar cover 26.9

Porsche 911 S/T and Ferrari Roma Spider driven, BMW's electric future and much more

This week in Autocar, we delve into the future of the BMW M3, and how it will become the firm's 'crazy', electric driver's car of the future. Plus, a flood of stunning reviews.


The BMW M3 will return in 2027 with a thunderously powerful electric variant. With around 1300bhp, it's set to become the firm's ultimate driver's car. 

Elsewhere, we explore the government's decision to delay the 2030 ban on sales of new combustion-engined cars, as the industry splits in two.

We've also got all the info on Nissan's hot urban EV concept, the new electric VW Transporter, and much more. 


The Ferrari Roma Spider is a drop-top alternative to the already brilliant coupe. It's a hard act to follow for a heavier, less rigid convertible - can its driving dynamics match its stunning looks?

The Porsche 911 S/T is a birthday present the firm has gifted to itself - and it's a sight to behold. See Matt Prior's full review in this week's magazine. 


With unfinished business on Route 66, Matt Prior drives a Hyundai Santa Cruz west through the Nevada desert via the top-secret Area 51 to a hotel in California.

The Quattro is almost upon us – well, German start-up E-Legend’s electric reinvention of it, that is. Mike Duff meets the team and rides in a prototype

An M340i Touring seems all the car you’ll ever need. Andrew Frankel sees if that’s true.


Matt Prior explores how the 2030 ban extension affects smaller, niche car makers, and Steve Cropley guides us through his motoring week. 


James Ruppert recommends the second-generation Jaguar XK, while our used star of the week is the mk.3 Volkswagen Scirocco.

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