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[NEWS] Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC

01 Bentley Continental GTC convertible RT 2023 lead cornering
Crewe firm aims for greater driver appeal at a lower price point for its convertible GT

Convertibles are proving a perennial source of income for the world’s best-known purveyors of top-level luxury cars. To understand why, all you need do is drive one. There is little to match the pure ‘wow’ factor of a desirable drop-top exotic that can so effortlessly make almost any open-air journey feel special.As Bentley has long understood, the most intoxicating luxury convertibles are rarely the most exciting, but rather those that deliver effortless grand touring qualities into a lavish, sheltered, inviting cabin. Cars that give you a motoring experience engaging enough to savour but also preserve your appetite for open-top miles with their good cruising manners.In pursuit of that just-so compromise, Bentley has just augmented its line-up of Bentley Continental GTC derivatives with a familiar new member. Crewe first introduced V8 S Continental GT and GTC models a little under a decade ago, as part of the last-generation Continental GT (1011-2018) line. Taking the lighter and more responsive V8 model as their basis, and adding extra notes of handling and performance dynamism and driver focus, these models were among Autocar’s highest-rated modern Bentleys. They combined performance, luxury, driver focus and, yes, even relative value for money to more convincing effect than any other Continental.Today’s question is: do they still?Range at a glanceBentley’s derivative range revisions for the 2023 model year brought a little extra structure to several of its models, the Continental GTC convertible included.The new Azure trim level prioritises “comfort and wellness” through special seat designs and interior material themes.It’s telling that both Mulliner Editions of the car are priced above even the Speed model, though. They offer special exterior chrome treatments, polished wheels and extra-lavish cabin materials.VersionPowerBentley Continental GTC V8542bhpBentley Continental GTC V8 S*542bhpBentley Continental GTC W12 Speed650bhpBentley Continental GTC V8 Mulliner Edition542bhpBentley Continental GTC W12 Mulliner Edition650bhp*Version testedTRANSMISSIONS8-spd dual-clutch automatic

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