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[NEWS] Cupra Born 2021 UK review

Cupra Born 2021 UK review

1 Cupra Born 2021 LHD UK first drive review hero front

On its first UK appearance, Cupra’s electric hot hatch shows promise and annoyance in equal measure

Within three minutes of getting into a Cupra Born in the UK, I’m annoyed.It has told me I’m not driving in the middle of the lane when there’s a perfectly good reason why I’m not, and turning off the lane keeping assistance system is as complicated as putting on a heated seat, which is at least three touchscreen icon pushes away. This stuff is unforgivably irritating.Which is a shame, because I’m otherwise quite enjoying the Born. It’s a lowish electric hot hatchback from Cupra, which is Seat’s sporty bit (although, yes, Seat was also the Volkswagen Group’s sporty bit once, if you remember).It’s based on the same platform as the Volkswagen ID 3 and at 4322mm long is 61mm longer, so it’s still comfortably the ‘small family’ size outside but is quite a lot bigger inside than a conventional internally combusted hatch, because of the packaging advantages of having a battery pack beneath the floor and a motor at the rear. It's roomy up front and spacious in the rear seats. Ergonomic foibles aside, materials choices and design feel very good.

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