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[NEWS] Dacia Duster TCe 150 Prestige EDC 2021 review

Dacia Duster TCe 150 Prestige EDC 2021 review

1 Dacia Duster 2021 facelift first drive hero front

Sensible updates preserve Duster's position as the UK’s best-value SUV, with a new auto range-topper for convenience lovers

Even after eight successful sales years in the UK, through two versions, the Dacia Duster still doesn’t have a direct rival. Frankly, this Romanian SUV is so damned affordable that others simply can’t match it, or would rather not try. Prices start at a still-remarkable £13,995, especially given the very deep equipment spec of even the Essential entry model.Despite the sales success, Renault Group management has decided that it’s time for the current model to be freshened with new styling elements inside and out and some new technology, although they have taken great care to preserve everything that has brought the success up to now.The biggest development is a new top-end powertrain, a TCe 150 petrol engine paired with a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox and front-wheel drive. Performance is decent: the model offers a top speed of 124mph and 0-62mph acceleration of 9.7sec, with fuel consumption of 45.8mpg.The new Duster’s styling follows the smaller, recently revised Sandero and Sandero Stepway models in adopting an LED headlight design with distinctive, integral Y-shaped daytime-running lights. New tail-lights echo the frontal style. The grille is ‘progressed’ rather than redesigned and there’s a more prominent lower front end as well.A new, wind-tunnel-developed rear spoiler and more aerodynamic 16in and 17in alloy wheels improve the aero performance. These tweaks, with lower-drag wheel bearings and tyres that lower rolling resistance, cut around 6g/km from the CO2 output of the one and only 4x4 Duster model, the dCi 115.

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