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[NEWS] Dacia Duster dCi 115 4x4 2021 UK review

Dacia Duster dCi 115 4x4 2021 UK review

1 Dacia Duster diesel 4x4 2021 UK first drive review hero front

Diesel-powered affordable SUV is impressively capable off road, given the price - but lacks the refinement of its petrol siblings

There’s a distinction between being a ‘budget’ and being a ‘value-for-money’ brand. The likes of Aldi and easyJet might have established themselves by selling at the lowest possible price, but their growth has come by offering sensible, no-frills products at agreeable prices.It’s the same story with Dacia: it might have initially garnered attention for its low price, but over eight years and two generations, the Duster SUV has won over a sizable fan base by offering an excellent, no-frills car at a sensible price. The Renault Group's budget brand has now given the second generation of its most popular model a mid-life makeover, introducing fresh styling and new tech that further lift the SUV – but the firm insists the Duster has stuck to its value-for-money ethos by offering everything you need in a car.We’ve already driven the revised Duster with the new range-topping TCe 150 petrol engine in France. For our first run on UK roads, we’re trying the 113bhp dCi 4x4 version.

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