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[NEWS] Ford Focus ST Edition 2021 UK review

Ford Focus ST Edition 2021 UK review

1 Ford Focus ST Edition 2021 UK FD hero front

Manually adjustable coilover suspension makes one of the more enigmatic and entertaining hot hatchbacks even sweeter and more fun to drive. Adjustment tools included; bring your own trolley jack.

Fellow students of car manufacturer price lists will have noticed how widely Ford has started applying the ‘edition’ label to its various models of late. Suddenly everything’s an ‘edition’ of something - even a boggo Zetec.In that context, if I’d just developed an extra-special Focus ST hot hatchback that I wanted to grab some attention for, I might choose another name for it than, say, Focus ST Edition. Then again, being the only Focus derivative in the catalogue that didn’t have an ‘edition’ after its name, maybe the poor thing was feeling left out.To some, this’ll sound like it ought to be a stickers-and-stripes kind of exercise, but it isn’t. It’s a five-door ST hatchback that only comes in Azura Blue with a black roof, black wheels, a black roof spoiler and black mirror caps. It has an identical engine and drivetrain to any other petrol-powered ST. And inside it has a fully-loaded equipment specification as standard, and part-leather upholstery with bodywork-matching blue stitching.But most importantly, it has coilover suspension from KW Automotive with manually adjustable twin-tube dampers in place of the Performance Pack-equipped car’s adaptive ones; powder-coated springs rated some 50 per cent higher than a standard ST’s; and lightweight, flow-formed, 19in alloy wheels. And if you’re now thinking that modestly priced hot hatchbacks like this don’t usually get really trick, manually configurable suspension of the kind that you might expect to see on track-ready Porsches, AMGs and BMW M cars? Well, you’d be absolutely right. Ford RSs don’t typically get suspension like this, either.

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