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[NEWS] Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford Mustang Mach-E

ford mustang mach e 2023 review  04 front cornering
Ford's enticingly named electric family SUV gets mid-life suspension revisions and equipment tweaks

By staking one of its proudest sub-brands on one of its boldest model launches in decades, Ford risked plenty when it launched the Ford Mustang Mach-E in 2020.So far, the Blue Oval's first all-electric production model has contributed plenty for its maker, helping to bring its showroom fleet average CO2 emissions down, and showing the world that this old car maker is ready to provide the zero-emissions motoring of the future. It demonstrated a willingness, also, to protect the dynamic character traits we expect of a Ford, even if it is an electric Ford.But the Mach-E has so far - on our continent, at least - failed to hit commercial success quite like some of its rival EVs. In 2021, its first full calendar year of European sales, it only just limped into the continent's top twenty most popular electric cars – which might explain why, in spring 2022, Ford saw fit to make some subtle but important tweaks to it.The passage of time is making it easy to forget the fireball of controversy that engulfed the launch of this car. The idea itself wasn't the issue. Crossovers and SUVs are now without question the profit-making bedrock of almost every major car maker. So a volume-selling electric crossover, with the potential to drive down aggregated carbon emissions, is a sensible product to make. And, as the world’s fourth-largest car maker, Ford simply had to have one. The controversy stemmed from the fact that this first bespoke EV for the brand uses the Ford Mustang name.This car hasn’t, as many initially feared, replaced the eight-cylinder Mustang (at least not yet), but it’s certainly trading on that car’s legend. It’s difficult to think of any comparable strategy from another car maker, realised or not. Perhaps if Porsche decided to call the upcoming electric Macan the 911-E? We doubt that would go down too well either.The Mustang Mach-E generated enormous interest at launch, not only via its impressive on-paper statistics but also through its styling and positioning. It’s not for no reason that Ford built more Mustang Mach-Es in Mexico in 2021 than it did ‘proper’ Mustangs in Michigan. And so, in a more global than European sense, the car has been selling well, while Ford continues to aim to make four in every 10 cars sold by 2030 an electric one.What this test aims to find out is what sort of car the Mach-E really is, away from the controversy of its name. Is Ford’s first proper EV effort one it can be proud of?The Mustang Mach-E line-up at a glanceThe Mustang Mach-E model line-up started out, as the order books opened, layered by the size of the battery and the numbers of motors. Heading the line-up was the AWD Extended Range model, making roughly as much power as the Mk3 Ford Focus RS, and delivering it to the ground via an electric motor on each axle; but it was possible to have a dual-motor, four-wheel-drive car with a Standard Range battery also.In 2022, however, the derivative line-up was slimmed and simplified, just as the range-topping, 480bhp Ford Mustang Mach-E GT arrived. Below it, you can now buy the car in lower-level Select trim (with one rear-mounted drive motor and 70kWh of battery storage) or Premium trim (with 91kWh of usable battery pack). Only the upper-level model can be had in dual-motor, four-wheel-drive form, although it’s possible to have the bigger-batteried Mach-E solely in rear-drive guise (like our test car) if you prefer. Upper-level Mach-Es can rapid charge at up to 150kW, while those with the smaller battery are limited to 115kW. The only major options package to consider is Ford's Tech Pack +, which adds a premium audio system, a powered tailgate and a panoramic glass roof.VersionPowerFord Mustang Mach-E Select 70kWH RWD266bhpFord Mustang Mach-E Premium 91KWH RWD*290bhpFORD MUSTANG MACH-E PREMIUM 91KWH AWD346bhpFORD MUSTANG MACH-E GT 91KWH AWD480bhp*Version tested

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