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[NEWS] From the archive: on this day in 1992

From the archive: on this day in 1992

99 bugatti eb110

We drive the Bugatti EB110 and say goodbye to the Porsche 928

Back in 1991, the Bugatti EB110 was introduced to the world.

The Ferrari F40 rival revived the hallowed horseshoe after 36 years, courtesy of Italian entrepreneur Romano Artioli (who would later buy Lotus and gift us the Elise).

“If humiliating Maranello is your game, 12 cylinders, 60 valves, four turbos and four-wheel drive are what you’ll need,” said our man. As for the driving experience? “If you want 550bhp and 211mph, you can wave goodbye to turning in with a flick of the wrist rather than a stab at the throttle. Yes? Not so.

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“The handling and refinement are everything I thought they wouldn’t be. But the performance is everything I thought it would be and more. After a day of throwing it round a track, I couldn’t escape the idea of a 550bhp Mini Cooper.

“You could drive this car into the heavens if you have the courage. The acceleration up to 8000rpm is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

“Balance in corners is never in doubt and the staggering rigidity means any bump is dealt with.”

What a shame it coincided with a global recession, bankrupting Bugatti after it had made just 139.

Porsche 928 leaves in style

“For 15 years, the 928 has teetered on the brink of greatness,” we said. “As a swansong, Porsche has come up with the GTS, the best 928 ever and a car fully capable of pushing the big GT over the brink.” It’s easy to see why: the V8 was bored out to 5.7 litres for 350bhp, while the steering, gearbox and NVH measures were upgraded to undoubtedly make it “the world’s most usable supercar”.

Iso revives the Grifo

The Iso Grifo was a famous 1960s GT matching Italian engineering and beauty with American muscle, but like many others, it was killed by the 1973 oil crisis. Come 1990, Iso fancied a revival, making a Grifo with Dallara engineering, Gandini styling and the Chevrolet Corvette’s V8, and in 1992 it promised RHD cars. Sadly, though, economic downturn again stopped it.

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