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[NEWS] Genesis GV80 2021 UK review

Genesis GV80 2021 UK review

1 Genesis GV80 2021 UK FD hero front

Hyundai's luxury brand makes its UK debut with a seven-seat SUV to rival the Mercedes-Benz GLE

This is Genesis's first SUV, the GV80, which uses the same mixed-metal platform as the G80 luxury saloon that we reviewed only earlier this week (its driveline and suspension are closely technically related also). Go for the bigger offering, however, and you will get rear-biased four-wheel drive as standard, as well as seating for up to seven. Diesel stalwarts, meanwhile, can trade up from the G80’s four-cylinder oil-burner to get the Hyundai Motor Group’s brand-new 274bhp diesel straight six if they pick the GV80.On paper, then, considering the fairly modest difference between the cars on showroom price, the GV80’s offering looks like quite the package. Perhaps that’s why Genesis expects it to outsell the G80 in Europe for the time being; well, that and the obvious reason (because it’s an SUV, Pinky).The other engine offered in the car is Genesis’s 300bhp 2.5-litre four-pot turbo petrol, with barely a cigarette paper separating the two motors on price. Buyers will choose between Premium and Luxury trims, just as on the G80, plus five- or seven-seat body configurations, with options mostly corralled into a limited number of packages intended to make the ordering process more straightforward.

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