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[NEWS] Honda e:Ny1

Honda e:Ny1

honda eny1 front lead
Honda’s second EV is an HR-V lookalike that takes it into a tough electric arena

As the Japanese firm's first electric family SUV, it’s clear just how important the Honda e:Ny1 is to the brand. We’ve already seen the manufacturer’s first steps into the world of battery-electric cars with the Honda E, a niche offering that has been on sale since 2020.Honda’s high hopes for the e:Ny1 are vital for its zero-emission goals. As a result of the zero-emission mandate, the brand expects 22% of its registrations by the end of next year to consist of e:Ny1 sales, which is equivalent to around 7500 cars.The firm has selected quite a congested segment in which to launch its first family EV. By Honda’s own reckoning, the e:Ny1 will directly face off with the likes of the Toyota bZ4X, Renault Mégane E-Tech, Volkswagen ID 4 and even the extremely popular Tesla Model Y. As the first car in Europe based on the firm’s e:N Architecture F platform, it has quite the job to do.Honda positions the e:Ny1 as an acceptable and comfortable stepping stone into BEV ownership for both existing customers and those who are new to the brand. It looks like it will become just that sooner rather than later, too, given that Rebecca Adamson, Honda UK’s head of automobile, has said there would be no direct successor to the Honda E urban hatchback.

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