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[NEWS] Hyundai Ioniq 5 gains bigger battery and new technology

Hyundai Ioniq 5 gains bigger battery and new technology


Electric SUV will be sold with a 77.4kWh battery, uprated from its current 73kWh capacity

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has gained a bigger battery and new technology as part of its 2023-model-year update. 

The electric SUV will be offered with a 77.4kWh battery from later this year and “several range enhancements” are claimed to improve its driving experience. 

The Ioniq 5 is currently offered with a 58kWh battery and a 167bhp motor; or a 73kWh battery with two motors that together make 214bhp or 300bhp. 

Hyundai hasn't yet revealed range or performance statistics for the new 77.4kWh model, but it told Autocar that there would still be two range-topping power outputs and the 58kWh variant on sale. 

In addition, a new battery conditioning feature will allow the Ioniq 5 to automatically adapt the temperature of its battery, optimising charging in both hot and cold conditions. 

Additional technology options as part of the model-year update include smart frequency dampers to improve ride comfort, body control, handling and rear-axle response. 

Drivers will be able to select both a digital rear-view mirror and digital side mirrors, the latter of which will be available on a Hyundai Group model in Europe for the first time. The Ioniq 5 already offers this option in its native South Korea. 

“The Ioniq 5 has proved to be highly successful in the 12 months since its launch, both in terms of sales and brand building,” said Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Hyundai’s vice-president of marketing and product. 

“The segment is growing increasingly competitive, and we will be offering enhanced features to defend our position as technology leader in the automotive industry.”

Updated UK pricing and specification details for the updated electric SUV will be confirmed in the coming months, shortly before order books open in late spring.

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