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[NEWS] Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes-AMG GT

mercedes amg gt review 2023 00 tracking front
Angry supercar has been turned into something more befitting its name for its second generation

Ask the company's new boss, Michael Schiebe, for his take on this, the second-generation Mercedes-AMG GT, and he will tell you it’s a transformative car that improves on the nine-year-old one that it replaces in every single way.He’s biased, of course, but his comments show the pressure on the new coupé to do more and to do it better than before. AMG is taking a whole new direction with its flagship model, targeting a wider and more diverse group of customers by pushing the front-engined supercar that we came to know and appreciate over the years deeper into traditional luxury grand tourer territory.Well, it’s in the name, after all. The move comes in response to feedback from owners of the 2014-2022 model. Schiebe says they sought greater long-distance and all-season qualities but at the same time didn’t want to forgo the car’s inherent speed and track-bred heritage.

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