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[NEWS] Mercedes-Benz EQV 2021 UK review

Mercedes-Benz EQV 2021 UK review

1 Mercedes Benz EQV 2021 LHD first drive review hero front

Electrified V-class concedes no cabin or luggage space to mighty under-floor battery, and surprises with a 200miles-plus range

You could argue that the new Mercedes Benz EQV gets very close to being the perfect battery-powered car.It’s generous in size and tall, so a very big battery slips under it a treat. It’s one of those vehicles likely to do constant city to airport runs, so its journeys will be regular and fairly short.It’s built for a wide range of loading conditions (six people plus luggage, or just the driver) so its air suspension can be expected to cope with the battery’s weight, and its operators are bound to have regular charging on hand.In essence, it’s the latest version of the recently updated V-class van/bus, smartly furnished for five in the back (three, if necessary, across the rear seat) with electric passenger doors on both sides and rich, if conservative and a mite funerial, black leather trim.The price of £77,145 is no bargain (though you can buy EV versions starting at £70k) but if saving money is your target, buy an internal combustion version starting around £50,000.

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