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[NEWS] Tesla cancels right-hand-drive Model S and Model X

Tesla cancels right-hand-drive Model S and Model X

Tesla Model S front tracking
The 1019bhp Plaid variants of the Model S and X are now available from inventory in the UK

UK customers have been offered left-hand-drive models, including 1019bhp Plaid variants

Tesla has cancelled the right-hand-drive Model S saloon and Model X SUV due to the mechanical and logistical complexity added by the conversion, Autocar can confirm.

A representative for the American manufacturer told Autocar that offering the two models solely as left-hookers for the foreseeable future allows it to ramp up production and improve quality more effectively.

Current reservation orders in the UK can purchase a left-hand-drive car from existing inventory or receive £2000 (€2000 in Ireland) in credit towards a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. They can also cancel their order.

In addition, Tesla has launched events running between 28 May and 30 June so that Model S and X reservation holders can test drive the left-hookers in London.

The move to offering LHD cars here means UK customers can finally place an order for the 1019bhp Plaid models, having previously been limited to the standard dual-motor cars since their 2021 reveal.

At the time of writing, the examples of the Model S Plaid in stock in the UK are priced from £114,930 and the X Plaid from £124,780.

Tesla has yet to fully scale production of the updated Model S and Model X, as it has for their smaller siblings.

Last year, the firm built 1,298,434 Model 3s and Ys, compared with just 71,177 examples of the S and X.

During the first quarter of 2023, Tesla built 421,371 Model 3s and Ys, and 19,437 Model Ss and Xs.

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