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[NEWS] Volkswagen ID Buzz video review: Type 2 'Microbus' successor driven

Volkswagen ID Buzz video review: Type 2 'Microbus' successor driven

VW ID Buzz web

Prototype version of eagerly-anticipated electric camper van gets driven for the first time. Does it impress?

It's taken more than half a century, and several redesigns, but Volkswagen has finally come up with a replacement for one of its most iconic and beloved 'cars': the 1950 Type 2 van.

Some called it the VW Camper, others the Microbus, or just the Bus for short. It was made famous as an iconic part of the 'hippy' counter culture of the 1960s and 70. VW has promised a brand-new version as many as four times in the last two decades; but now it's finally building one - and it's all-electric. 

The Volkswagen ID Buzz will come to the UK market in autumn 2022 - and we've already driven it. It'll launch in standard-wheelbase form and, as a passenger vehicle it'll seat up to five occupants and be priced from somewhere above £50,000. A longer-wheelbase version, a twin-motor four-wheel drive version, a Camper version and a GTX performance derivative are all likely to come later.

Matt Saunders took to the road for an hour in a late-series prototype ID Buzz Cargo commercial version to get a taste of what the zero-emissions 'lifestyle' van of the future will be like to drive.

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