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[NEWS] Zeekr X

Zeekr X

zeekr review 2023 22 tracking front
Yet another Chinese EV brand eyes up the UK – but this one claims to be European

The Zeekr X isn’t just another Chinese EV. That’s what the very European executives were trying to make clear to me over dinner, anyway.It’s built in China, yes, but it was designed by a German, engineered in Sweden and developed on European roads. Does the nationality of a car maker mean anything anymore, anyway?After all, most of the Jeeps sold in Europe are about as American as a spaghetti western. The thing is, in every car I’ve driven from an obviously Chinese manufacturer, I’ve noticed a certain unfinishedness, even the ones that we like.So does that lack of polish afflict this second car from Zeekr? Let’s fine out…

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