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Not finding Bluetooth adapter

Hello im having trouble connecting to my bluetooth adapter. Its a BAFX products obdII diagnostic interface. 

I get a java IO error and just error finding paired devices. See screenshots attached.  Thanks.

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which Android version you are using?

make sure Location services are enabled and all permissions are granted.

we will investigate the issue, and provide an update ASAP!

Thanks i got it to work it was the another app taking control of the bluetooth device still so i uninstalled it and it was able to reset. I connected to the device proceeded w the reset and turned off the key waited a few moments and turned the key back on and waited till the check engine light disappeared.  Then started the car. It is still idling high around 1000 rpm. I have checked everything. This car now has a new engine, and new throttle body, no vacuum leaks. And i have tried the manual process via 3000rpm for 5 min for the last week and still have not been able to get tuis car to drop the idle to 650rpm. Im kinda at a loss for whats going on.  But the app did seem to run the reset proceedure and i heard the throttle body making a bunch of noises.

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