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Cruise Control -Accelerate- Signal

DecreaseThe cruise control system keeps the vehicle running at a fixed speed until a signal canceling this fixed speed is received. When the main switch is turned on with the vehicle in the running mode, the battery voltage is applied to the Engine Control Module (ECM). When a signal from the control switch is input to the ECM while the vehicle is in a state, the ECM controls fuel injection to make a car go at a steady speed you want. Also, while the system is operating, "CRUISE" indicator lamp in the meter assembly lights up. The ECM monitors the Cruise Control Accel signal and sets the OBDII codes when the Cruise Control Accel Switch is not to factory specifications.

Faulty Cruise Control Accel Switch
Cruise Control Accel Switch harness is open or shorted
Cruise Control Accel Switch circuit poor electrical connection

Check engine light
Cruise control system inoperative

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