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Reductant Level Too Low

The task of the discrete level sensor is to measure the tank level at 3 different heights. The determination of a reductant level is limited to liquid reductant. Frozen reductant cannot be detected. The measured level will be used to update the calculation of remaining quantity in the reductant tank.

The level sensor consists of four high-grade stainless steel pins. The length of each pin defines the tank level (height) which is to be checked. Only three pins can be used for level evaluation. The fourth pin is used as ground pin. Due to the electrical conductivity of Urea the level sensor will determine whether the tank level is above or below the respective level sensor position. This information will be directly evaluated by the ECU.

Faulty Reductant Level Sensor
Reductant Level Sensor harness is open or shorted
Reductant Level Sensor circuit poor electrical connection

Check engine light

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