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Shift Solenoid (F)-

The Transmission Control System uses six electronically controlled solenoids that allow hydraulic fluid to be applied to various friction elements (clutches), which enables the gear requested. The continuity of each solenoid circuit is periodically tested. Each inactive solenoid is turned on for a few milliseconds, then off. Each active solenoid is turned off for a few milliseconds, then on. This pulsing of voltage to the solenoid causes an inductive spike which can be sensed by the Transmission Control System. If an inductive spike is not sensed by the Transmission Control System during the continuity check, it is tested again. If the test fails three consecutive times, the appropriate Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is set. If the solenoid test is run in response to a gear ratio or pressure switch error, one failure will result in setting the appropriate DTC.

Dirty or Low Transmission Fluid
Faulty Shift Solenoid "F"
Shift Solenoid "F" harness is open or shorted
Shift Solenoid "F" circuit poor electrical connection

Check engine light

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