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Torque Converter Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid Control

The Torque Converter Clutch Pulse Width Modulation (TCC PWM) solenoid valve controls the fluid acting on the converter clutch valve. The converter clutch valve controls the TCC application and release. The solenoid attaches to the control valve body within the transmission. The solenoid receives ignition voltage through the OFF/ON/CRANK voltage circuit. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) controls the solenoid by providing a ground path on the TCC PWM solenoid valve control circuit. Current flows through the solenoid coil according to the duty cycle, percentage of ON and OFF time. The TCC PWM solenoid valve provides a smooth engagement of the TCC by operating during a duty cycle percent of ON time.

Faulty Control Solenoid Valve Assembly
Control Solenoid Valve Assembly harness is open or shorted
Control Solenoid Valve Assembly circuit poor electrical connection

Check engine light

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