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Full Version: [NEWS] New 2024 Alfa Romeo small SUV shown in leaked images
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New 2024 Alfa Romeo small SUV shown in leaked images

alfa romeo small suv
Autocar's vision of new Alfa SUV, based on leaked images

Firm's first EV will land at the beginning of 2024 as indirect Mito replacement, twinned with Jeep Avenger

Images of Alfa Romeo's small electric SUV have leaked ahead of its arrival at the beginning of 2024 when it will become the entry point to the firm’s new-era line-up.

Serving as an indirect replacement for the Mito supermini, it was originally known as the Brennero but is now confirmed to take another name into showrooms. 

It will sit beneath the Tonale crossover in the Italian brand's range and be based on the same e-CMP platform as the Fiat 600 and Jeep Avenger

Alfa Romeo declined to comment on the leaked images, which first appeared on Instagram and are now circulating more widely.

Due to measure around 4.1 metres long and 1.8 metres wide, the new EV will be the smallest Alfa Romeo since the Mito bowed out in 2019 - and the firm has hinted it will remain the smallest car in the range, due to dwindling demand for upmarket superminis.

Alfa Romeo’s head of products, Daniel Guzzafame, told Autocar: “The Mito will not be replaced as it was, but it will for sure be indirectly replaced by the B-segment SUV.

“The premium B-segment doesn’t exist, and around the world, we need to fill it. With an infinite amount of money, resources, time? Fantastic, I’ll do everything. But without that, I need to rationalise; I need to pick the segments that are actually relevant for the base customers in the premium segments.

“We considered a lot. We needed to decide whether to go two doors, four doors, so we made a decision, and the Mito will not be replaced as it was. But we will see. All of the world is evolving, small cars are becoming more important again.”

The new baby Alfa – set to be priced at around £35,000 – will arrive in line with the firm’s goal of attracting new buyers such as families and females as it looks to move away from being seen as just a “sporty brand” favoured by middle-aged men.

The as-yet-unnamed crossover will match its Avenger sibling with a range of around 250 miles from a 54kWh battery and a single electric motor making 154bhp and 192lb ft of torque.

It will follow its Stellantis platform-mates in being offered also with mild-hybrid petrol engines, although it isn't yet confirmed if this will be the case in the UK. Either way, it will be offered solely as an EV when Alfa Romeo phases out combustion from 2027.

Guzzafame has driven a pre-production prototype and given Autocar his impressions. “Fantastic. I love it. It’s unique," he said. "There isn't another electric car on the market that drives that way. It’s precision. It’s what Alfa Romeo is known for.”

As for its design, it retains Alfa's characteristic V-shaped front grille and dons a bonnet and striking new headlight design similar to that of the recently revealed 33 Stradale limited-edition supercar.

Other defining features include a bluff ‘coda tronca’ rear end, short overhangs at each end and a bold stance - as per details earlier shared with Autocar about the future of Alfa Romeo.

Inside, the leaked images show a digital dashboard and instrument cluster similar to that seen on existing Alfa Romeo models, with a central readout showing how much of the car's power is going to each wheel.