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Full Version: OBD2 Terminal ---> Customizing Script Codes
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Excellent application for customizing and editing scripts --> for hobbyists who are interested in developing there own scripts.

[Image: cRvrJ0oLy1p06Zz7wrLC8yN0RDTM1JwvRlKqsWLn...66-h657-rw]
ATZ - reset all
AT SP0 - automatic protocol detection
AT WS - warm start
[email protected]- display the device desription
[email protected] - display the device identifier
AT H1 - set headers on
AT H0 - set headers off
AT SP n - set protocol to n
AT DP - Describe the current protocol
AT AL - allow long (>7 byte) messages
AT AR - automatic receive
AT AT0 - adaptive timing off
AT AT1 - adaptive timing auto1
AT AT2 - adaptive timing ato2
AT BD - perform buffer dump
AT CAF0 - CAN auto format off
AT CAF1 - CAN auto format on

Here Some Generic OBDII PIDs (hexadecimal format without part of 0x):

03 - show stored diagnostic trouble codes
04 - clear stored trouble codes and stored values
07 - show pending trouble codes
0A - show permanent diagnostic trouble codes
0902 - VIN vehicle identification number
0904 - calibration ID
0100 - PIDs supported [1..20]
010C - engine RPM - rpm, formula: (256*A + B)/4
010D - vehicle speed - km/h, formula : A